Speaking at Events, Workshops and Conferences 

If you are looking for a fun, insightful and slightly irreverent speaker who nails all the important points, connect with Jane. She has worked large rooms and small, with specialized presentations from 20 minutes to all day. With an approach rooted in the belief that you can learn and absorb new ideas, be very professional and STILL have fun, Jane is an engaging presenter who is an acclaimed MC, speaker and workshop leader with skills honed through many events, presentations and nine years of the annual Media Relations Summer Camp, a specialized series of workshops that she co-created (with Jay Robb of Mohawk College) that were fully booked year after year. 

Jane keeps her presentations relevant and fresh with many references to history, current events and pop culture. Some of her topics:

  • Why building your community is smart business.
  • Mentorship and leadership: not the same thing, but they should be.
  • Community Building Blocks: a specialized workshop for organizations of any size.

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