Dovetail Community has a mission to connect corporations to communities.

We partner with organizations that think beyond the status quo to a new definition of success, collaborating to design and execute community engagement, corporate social responsibility and communication strategies. Facilitation is an important skill we employ to help clients arrive at the strategy that will build their organization.

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Verb (used with or without subject)

to fit or cause to fit together closely or neatly.

to join or fit together compactly or harmoniously.

Social responsibility is central to the operations of [the Top 50] companies - they know it’s smart business to consider global issues and the broader community.
— Maclean's Magazine 2015 Top 50 Socially Responsible Corporations


Transparent and socially responsible initiatives make good business sense. Dovetail Community can lead you through CSR programs, audits, PR and Communication planning.

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Jane has built her career with the common themes of community partnership, communication and collaboration.

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